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Versatile New SiteMax™ Pump

Exclusive and innovative features offer customers an all-purpose workhorse across multiple water management applications.

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Maximize productivity on your jobsite with:

Ease of Use

Large Gas Tank for Long Operation 88.5-gallon fuel tank allows for long run-time, up to 65 hours, therefore less downtime to refill.

Superior Maneuverability – The lightweight HDPE canopy makes the SiteMax easy to move on the jobsite. The two-foot lower profile helps the pump fit into those tight spaces.

Enhanced Safety Features – Every SiteMax pump includes an emergency STOP button to easily shut down the unit immediately. The SiteMax pump automatically shuts down when the oil pressure is low or engine temperature is too high.

Versatile – The SiteMax pump is configured to work for you. For maximum versatility, the pump is available in six impeller sizes, five engine options – including Tier 4 – three interchangeable control panels, and two priming systems – Venturi or Vacuum priming.

Low Cost of Ownership – The SiteMax pump is a high-performing, money-saving pump. Designed with interchangeable parts, offering steady, reliable liquid handling solutions, and efficient fuel economy – the SiteMax pump will be the workhorse you can put to work every day.

Environmental Benefits

Exceed Emission Standards - The SiteMax engines are certified to meet EPA and CARB emission standards.

Built-in Spill Containment - The SiteMax’s fluid containment basin can capture 150% of onboard liquids, minimizing the risks of leaks and spills while helping you reduce the risk of cleanups or fines. Add an E-Contain® Spillguard for double containment protection.

Noise Pollution Controlled - Standard sound-attenuated enclosure provides quiet sound levels below 70 dBA at 23’.

Move More Gallons per Gallon - Designed to pump as much liquid as pumps with larger engines, SiteMax utilizes lower horsepower engines in order to save fuel and help meet environmental regulations without sacrificing performance.

Innovative Design Benefits

Innovative Impeller Design - Enhanced type of screw centrifugal impeller, made of high strength alloy steel, with an exclusive pull/push function improving performance and efficiency. The impeller is designed to be non-clogging, reducing downtime when pumping stringy or non-compressible solids.

Designed with Maintenance in Mind – The integrated check valve has a replaceable stainless steel seat so you don’t have to replace the entire check valve just because the seat wears out. The priming system belt can also be replaced without removing the drive shaft. The vandal resistant canopy is light weight, opens easily, therefore offers easier access for maintenance.

Lower Suction Flange – Connection at 32” makes it easier to attach hoses with reduced risk of back strain or other injuries. The lower suction also allows for better priming efficiency and suction lift.

Side by Side Suction and Discharge – Putting the two connections in the same locations gives you greater flexibility when locating and positioning the SiteMax on your jobsite.

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