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Case Study: Nuclear Plant Turnaround


To safeguard Nuclear Plant efficiency, Cooling Tower systems must be cleaned-out and maintained on a regular basis. Tower maintenance increases efficiency by removing obstacles that waste energy and increase cost.

This Eastern U.S. nuclear plant began its turnaround by draining its cooling towers.

Once all of the cooling water and sludge was removed from the cooling tower and basin, two PowerPrime HH125 pumps were used to wash down the basins.

Then, a DV100c sound attenuated pump and a third HH125 pump moved the dewatered sludge to a geo-tube evaporation system. The so-called "bladder bags," 12 feet wide by 60 feet long, were used as a dewatering bag/cloth's. Once the sludge is dried out a backhoe hauled the dried solids away.