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Case Study: Emergency Pumping for Municipalities


In 2011, summer snowmelt combined with record-breaking seasonal rains inundated the Midwestern U.S. Much of Omaha, NE was in danger of catastrophic flooding as water levels in the river lapped at record highs.

Flooding caused combined sewer outfall (CSO) levels to overwhelm the city’s storm and sewer systems. PowerPrime Pumps were featured in a Rain for Rent designed, 2 stage pumping project.

The first station used one 24 x 30-inch Power Prime DV600c and other pumps to handle 100,000gpm. The second pumping station consisted of a large suction pit using four Rain for Rent 42-inch FP1050 floating pumps and three additional 24 x 30-inch DV600c pumps.

Together, the two systems pumped a combined peak flow of 576 millions gallons of CSO per day.