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Case Study: Tar Ponds Remediation

More than 100 years of steel and coke production in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada left behind one of the largest environmental remediation projects in the country's history. Cleanup of the more than 100 million tons of contaminated soil and sediment at the bottom of three ponds began in the 1980s. Remediation efforts required a bypass of two streams that flowed into the ponds.  

Rain for Rent engineers designed a bypass system that tackled the entire 313 MGD peak flow rate and allowed remediation work to take place in three contaminated ponds. The freshwater streams were diverted into a single channel and then bypassed through 3,000 feet of 48-inch HDPE pipe. A total of three ponds were bypassed in three phases over five years.

Rain for Rent was chosen for this project for its ability to provide a better economic value per-pump than any of the competition. 19 PowerPrimeTM Pumps were sold to the remediation contractor including: 13 diesel-powered DV400c 18-inch pumps, four DV600c 30-inch  and two electric DV400c pumps along. Technical service representatives helped to provide oversight for the final build of the bypass system by the contractor. All 19 pumps were also given FreezeSentryTM protection from exposure to harsh winter temperatures over the life of the project.

Satellite-driven telemetry units allowed for flow measurement and online maintenance records of the pumping system.

The total number of needed pumps was reduced thanks to the similar footprint and increased flow capabilities of the DV600c when compared to the DV400c. Because of this Rain for Rent was able to provide remediation efforts better access to the ponds limited space with a smaller and more efficient bypass solution.

As an added benefit to the remediation contractor, PowerPrime Pumps formulated a maintenance plan which, if followed, the pumps would be considered for repurchase to reenter the rental fleet.