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Case Study: Superfund Remediation


A South Carolina superfund site is set to become a greenway area for thousands of outdoor recreation enthusiasts, thanks to the combined efforts of several contractors and PowerPrime Pumps.

The PCB-laden silt and sediment needed to be dredged and removed from the bottom of a creek. The contaminants came from a manufacturing plant along the river in the mid 20th century.

At peak moments of the remediation project there were as many as fifteen PowerPrime pumps on site, rented to the contractors by Rain for Rent.

Two eight-inch HH160i pumps fed 5,000gpm of effluent water to the sediment management unit through 2,000 feet of 10-inch HDPE pipe. The contaminant was then separated to dry and wet sides. Two DV325c sound attenuated pumps were also used on site.

Used on this project: