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Case Study: PCB Remediation


In 1969, employees working at a dam disposed of three old electrical capacitors by dumping them into a nearby river. Each capacitor contained 10-12 gallons of oil heavily laden with PCBs. Over the years, the capacitors corroded and dispensed contaminated sediment affecting several acres in and along the adjacent river.

The river needed to be dredged within 45 days to protect its endangered salmon population.

The filtration solution included a DV100c four-inch PowerPrime pump equipped with a basket screen, to pump the silt at 400gpm into 13 dewatering boxes for primary sediment settling and one additional four-inch DV100c Power Prime pump to pump the muddy water into three bi-level tanks.

Finally a 6-inch DV150c sound attenuated pump controlled by a radar gauge was used to automatically discharge treated water.

Used on this project: