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Construction Pumping Case Studies

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PowerPrime Pumps are the best pumps for the Construction industry.


The construction industry builds our homes, businesses and our shopping centers. That's why we support them with the most robust pumps in the industry. These pumps come standard with trailer mounts and run dry capabilities so weather and access won't be an issue for you.

PowerPrime Pumps are used across a wide variety of Construction applications including:

  • Dewatering Excavations (Wellpoint, Deep well, Open Trench)
  • Dust Control
  • Filtration/Separation
  • Firewater Systems
  • Flood Control/Dewatering
  • Sewer Bypass
  • Sludge De-Watering
  • Pre-Wet
  • Groundwater Treatment and Filtration
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation (CIPP, Pipe Bursting, Replacement)
  • Pipeline Testing and Cleaning (Hydrotesting/Pigging)
  • Storm Water Runoff and Management
  • Temporary Water Supply
  • Re-vegetation Sprinkler Irrigation


Case Studies: